Specialists in thermoforming & injection moulding. We offer design & development, prototyping, efficient & effective tooling solutions and full production of your product.

Bespoke Manufacturing

Once tooling is finalised, we can use one of our 5 thermoforming machines to allow us to dedicate a production slot is tailored to your specification.

Injection moulded food packaging pots with lids in production for a client.


Thermoforming machine & the packing area for all the food packaging that is created.

Injection Moulding

tic tac 640 x 480

Design & Development

Pattern & Samples - Thermoformed tray with tooling (Prototype) - Queensbury Products Ltd - Bridgwater, Somerset Uk


Complex design to cover an ice cream top. Tooling made by Queensbury Products Ltd, Bridgwater UK.

Tooling Manufacturing

Packaging That Makes An Impression

We have the machinery, skills & experience for the most intricate of packaging requirements.

Food packaging for Gyoza - a Japanese style pancake. The packaging is designed to protect to gyoza & work with automated picking machinery.


The ribbing 'crease effect' increases the strength to the final product, allowing us to use thinner material & reducing the amount of plastic used. 


Allows for a heat sealing film to be sealed to the packaging.


Designed to keep the product in place & protect the product whilst in transit. This particular tray is used to hold Gyoza - with the tray fitting the curve of the product.


The denest feature is designed for the packaging to be stacked for use with automated machinery.
When stacked, the denest leaves a big enough gap between each tray for the machinery to continuously take the next tray at high speed.


Bespoke design features for your product.
This packaging was designed to house a mini bottle of soy sauce to go with the Gyoza.

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