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We design and manufacture all types of thermoformed & injection moulded plastic packaging for the retail food & airline industries including: collation trays, meat & fish trays, clamshell/fold-over packs, pots & lids and food containers.

Designing Packaging That Stands Out

We Pride Ourselves On Quality

We strive to ensure our clients get the best so we are confident we can offer the best possible packaging solution for all products and brands.

Our Services

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Injection Moulding

Whether it is high or low volumes, specific materials, or intricate detailed packaging, we have the right machinery for the job.


Before full production is started, we can provide a fully functional prototype for you to be able test & assist with development of your product.


Using the latest in CAD technology, we are able to quickly transform your ideas into 2D, 3D models & even photo realistic rendered images.


We are able to offer not only competative tooling prices, but also a quick turnaround from tooling design to delivery of production tooling.


Whether it is high or low volumes, specific materials, or intricate detailed packaging, we have the right machinery for the job.

Packaging That Makes An Impression

We have the machinery, skills & experience for the most intricate of packaging requirements.

Food packaging for Gyoza - a Japanese style pancake. The packaging is designed to protect to gyoza & work with automated picking machinery.


The ribbing 'crease effect' increases the strength to the final product, allowing us to use thinner material & reducing the amount of plastic used. 


Allows for a heat sealing film to be sealed to the packaging.


Designed to keep the product in place & protect the product whilst in transit. This particular tray is used to hold Gyoza - with the tray fitting the curve of the product.


The denest feature is designed for the packaging to be stacked for use with automated machinery.
When stacked, the denest leaves a big enough gap between each tray for the machinery to continuously take the next tray at high speed.


Bespoke design features for your product.
This packaging was designed to house a mini bottle of soy sauce to go with the Gyoza.

Industry Recognition

We are accredited to the highest level of the BRC standard for food packaging.  You can be confident that our packaging is made to the highest quality and food cleanliness standard to satisfy all the major airlines and supermarkets.

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Our Clients:​

Why Choose Queensbury Products?

Bespoke Design

Our talented CAD technicians design around your product & use experience to assist in the development through the whole process.

Over 25 Years Experience

With over 25 years industry experience we have grown to work with some of the largest airlines & supermarkets around the world.

Minimal Waste

At Queensbury Products, we are committed to making the process sustainable as possible by recycling all our waste.

Fast Turnaround

From the design process to the prototyping & full production runs, we ensure we meet all deadlines for our clients.

BRC Certified

We are proud to be recognised in our efforts by BRC in providing high quality, food grade products to our clients.

Small & Large Businesses

We accept enquiries from all business, large & small. We have a friendly sales team able to guide you from start to finish.

From Start to Finish!

We can offer you the complete process from design in 2D & 3D CAD, prototyping, tooling & manufacture of the full production run.

For Further Enquiries Call

01278 433022

We love speaking to our clients and seeing how we can help.

We are committed to reducing our waste

All our skeletal waste is sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled & reused ensuring our waste plastic is kept to a minimum.

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