After the design process, we create a pattern from which samples can be pulled. These are created using state-of-the-art equipment and software to produce a mould face in a high-density model board - ensuring high levels of accuracy equal to the quality you would expect to see in production. 

We are then able to run small or large quantities depending on your requirements. This allows you to trial the packaging before tooling is made for full production. 

Prototyping allows you to get a real sense & feel for the product before we start a full production run.

Although you will see an in-depth drawing in the design process there isn't anything quite like holding & feeling the physical product. You will also be able to see your product inside & check the aesthetics.

This process also allows us to make any changes to the tooling before the final tool is produced for the production process - preventing any extra costs later down the line.

Pattern & Samples - Thermoformed tray with tooling (Prototype) - Queensbury Products Ltd - Bridgwater, Somerset Uk

We are committed to reducing our waste

All our skeletal waste is sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled & reused ensuring our waste plastic is kept to a minimum.

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