Thermoforming - also recognised as vacuum forming - is a manufacturing process whereby plastic sheets are preheated in automated pressure & vacuum forming equipment until soft and malleable.  The preheated sheet then makes contact with a mould or form and a vacuum source is turned on that sucks the sheet to the mould.  When cool, the sheet takes the shape of the mould. Should additional detail be required, a technique generally known in the industry as pressure forming can be used.

Thermoforming moulds can be either male or female depending on the geometry of the parts and where the weakest areas need more material thickness.  Moulds can be surfaced to convey different finishes using a female mould and positive air pressure.

We use materials that are able to be recycled as standard - such as PET-G for our thermoformed & injection moulded packaging.
Thermoforming machine & the packing area for all the food packaging that is created.
What We Offer

In determining which one of our injection moulding or thermoforming machines is best for your particular product, we consider the following issues before proceeding with production:

  • Production quantity
  • Design & Engineering requirements
  • Time frame
  • Tooling size
  • Required finish

This ensures we maximise production, reduce waste & offer you the most cost effective process for your product.

We are committed to reducing our waste

All our skeletal waste is sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled & reused ensuring our waste plastic is kept to a minimum.

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