Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a more complex manufacturing technique than vacuum forming and requires an intense level of engineering expertise.

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process whereby plastic resin pellets are melted and the molten plastic is then injected into the tool to fill the cavities & to make the tool impression. Once filled and taken shape of the cavity, it is then cooled and hardened. It is then ejected from the tool.

Injection moulding benefits from achieving closer tolerances on intricate parts & patterns, provides a better and stronger finish.

The tooling placed inside the injection moulding machine. This is used for food packaging for airlines, supermarkets & online food retailers.
Injection moulded food packaging pots with lids in production for a client.
What We Offer

In determining which one of our injection moulding or thermoforming machines is best for your particular product, we consider the following issues before proceeding with production:

  • Production quantity
  • Design & Engineering requirements
  • Time frame
  • Tooling size
  • Required finish

This ensures we maximise production, reduce waste & offer you the most cost effective process for your product.

We are committed to reducing our waste

All our skeletal waste is sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled & reused ensuring our waste plastic is kept to a minimum.

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